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Police Reform & Political Accountability.
The Ties that Bind Policing in England and Wales and the USA (1607-2016)

“Read in its entirety, Police Reform and Political Accountability, the Ties that Bind Policing in England and Wales and the USA, tells an intriguing and multifacted story of policing in two countries whose story and experiences have converged, diverged, ebbed and flowed over hundreds of years….”


Privacy, Power & Technology: A Brave New World
Is privacy dead, and are we complicit in its demise?

In Privacy, Power & Technology: A Brave New World Dr Floyd Millen discusses privacy and the impact of legislation, politics, economics, globalisation and social media on our everyday life and experiences.

Privacy: A Brave New World discusses the Inconvenient Truth about privacy and the protection of personal data, arguing that many of the privacies that we allegedly hold dear, we freely give up on social media, on smart phones, tablets, laptops, on apps, on clipboards on smart devices etc…: yet we balk at the use of our data in other areas and for other uses which similarly track movements, access phone books, access and share medical, location, financial data and access our clipboards, cameras and use of data on our innumerable smart devices.

Is there such a thing as privacy anymore? What should we expect if we are willingly participating in the Wild Wild West of this Brave New World?

  • Oxford University Press: Police Authorities, Accountability, and Citizenship (Millen & Stephens: 2012)
  • Taylor & Francis: Policing and Accountabilty, the Working of Police Authorities (Millen & Stephens: 2011)

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