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PRIVACY (Dec 2024)

  • Oxford University Press: Police Authorities, Accountability, and Citizenship (Millen & Stephens: 2012)
  • Taylor & Francis: Policing and Accountabilty, the Working of Police Authorities (Millen & Stephens: 2011)

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  • Higher Education and Social Cohesion
  • Book Review: How to make a million jobs
  • Book Review: The New Machiavelli (Philip Powell)
  • Political Inertia and the principle of unripe time
  • Political inertia and the fear of the innovator
  • The problem at the heart of Labour
  • The financial cost of unemployment
  • Budget 2008: winners and losers
  • DWP Commissioning Strategy Responses
  • New Deal: net benefit or net cost?
  • The Gibbons Review
  • Policing in the shadows
  • Pensions
  • Citizenship a theoretical approach
  • Employment for all
  • Why inspection is important for Equality
  • A response to the response to terror