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Head of Operational Delivery: Careers and Enterprise Company We are here to help young people unleash their best possible futures. We will work as an umbrella organisation, in partnership with others, and aim to be evidence-based in everything that we do. Careers and Enterprise Company.
Head of Identity Services: Post Office Ltd As part of the Government’s GOV.UK/Verify programme I was appointed as Head of Identity services for the UK Post Office. Post Office.
Special Adviser: Cabinet Office (GDS) As part of the Government’s Digital Strategy, Identity Assurance is about providing citizens with a simple, trusted and secure means of accessing all  public services. I advised on regulation, ombudsman and the relationship of GOV.UK/Verify with ICO, Data Protection, FCA, PRA, Relying Parties  and possible Statutory Instruments. Government Digital Service
Special Adviser:  Shaw Trust Shaw Trust is the largest third sector provider of employment services for disabled and disadvantaged people. Shaw Trust works in partnership with public sector organisations. Shaw Trust.
Director: Yes Minister Yes Minister is a Think Tank committed to helping you get your message across! Who should you see? What should you say? How do you influence? Yes Minister
Head of Policy and Communications Centre for Economic and Social Inclusion Inclusions key areas of policy expertise is in Welfare to work, learning and skills. Inclusion also offers research and consultancy services bespoke training and runs a wide range of conferences and events. CESI
Programme Director BTEG I managed a Treasury Funded ‘Invest to Save Budget’ geared towards increasing the employment prospects of the most disadvantaged by creating a seamless journey into work for the most disadvantaged through Third sector and private sector cooperation. BTEG
Sales & Marketing Director London/Wolverhampton Time taken out from my career to assist my family in the re-branding of our soft drink manufacturing business in Wolverhampton .
Chief Executive ROTA ROTA is a social Policy Think tank that advises and on issues affecting London ‘s diverse communities. As the Chief Executive my role was to lead the organisation forward both by strengthening its internal structures and by raising the organisations profile within its field of interest.
Policy Advisor: Metropolitan Police Authority My responsibility at the Metropolitan Police Authority was to effectively manage the process of implementation of the New Home Office Guidance on Independent Custody Visiting. I & Community consultation. I oversaw and ensured that decisions arrived at by members were effectively implemented. Now the Mayors office for Policing
Project Manager: SPRITO Trading Company Ltd SPRITO was a National Training Organisation (NTO). I was responsible for identifying collaborative opportunities and synergy’s with other leading organisations and projects to develop a robust network that would aid the programme of training and improved accessibility and participation.
Contracts Manager: SOLOTEC South London Training and Enterprise Council. I was responsible for monitoring the contracts of providers that delivered the Training and Enterprise Councils core training programmes. This involved varying and assessing the terms of delivery negotiating contracts and allocating budgets.
Financial Controls Officer: CILNTEC: City an Inner North London Training & Enterprise Council As a FAM officer my work involved financial auditing in line with the contractual requirements of allocated contracts. An integral part of the job involved monitoring systems and procedures to ensure transparency and prevent mistakes and oversights. Learning and Skills Council
Financial Adviser: City Financial Partners Limited This was my very first job when I moved to London. I worked with the business man Graham Johnson.